Office 365

As a Microsoft-certified Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), REFINECO’s team of talented professionals will guide you through the selection and implementation of Microsoft Office 365 products .

REFINECO helps businesses with all components of Microsoft Office 365 including:

What benefits will I receive from Office 365?

Microsoft recently commissioned Forrester to conduct a total economic impact of Office 365 on businesses. As a part of this exercise, Forrester interviewed 200+ organizations with multiple years of experience using Office 365. Customers had a combination of on-premise email and productivity tools and web-based point solutions for collaboration and file sharing. However, with their businesses’ rapid growth, customers had hit the limit on supporting and maintaining these tools, leaving employees frustrated with slow connections and limited ability to work productively. With Office 365, customers were able to scale the business easily, increasing productivity and collaboration for their mobile workforce while avoiding infrastructure costs and downtime.

Office 365 ROI

Forrester’s summarized findings were an average payback time of 5.1 months with a return on investment of 154%!

The majority of this return was in hardware, software, IT labour savings and worker efficiency with having “anytime, anywhere” access to their productivity tools and files.