Keep your organization informed and on the same page.

Intranets are REFINECO’s bread and butter and we’ve been doing them a long time.

There are many benefits to a REFINECO intranet solution. Not only are you getting access to a talented team of experts who are well versed in delivering collaboration solutions on SharePoint, but as a full-service consultancy we have the capability and expertise to work with you from the inception of your project until long after its implementation.

Here’s how we’ll work with you to launch or upgrade your intranet:

1. Let’s Talk

We begin by listening to your vision. We want to hear your timelines, your goals, as well as your immediate intranet needs. We also want you to meet our talented team.

2. Create a Plan

Next we’ll conduct an assessment of your needs. We’ll then build an overall plan and an immediate working plan. Finally we’ll create an estimate and a timeline for each planned objective

3. Analysis and Architecture

We’ll capture your business requirements and create a high-level overall architecture plan. We’ll then determine the GAP-fit with out of box SharePoint features. We’ll also determine any data to be migrated, integrations to be planned for, and account for any special intranet security requirements.

4. Implement

Then it’s on to the fun part. We configure your environment as required, whether on-premise, in Azure or your own private cloud, or SharePoint Online. We’ll implement any custom functionality as necessary and fully document the solution. We’ll also begin the process of creating training and procedure documents.

5. Test and Accept

Next it’s on to testing the solution and ensuring it fully meets your needs. We’ll plan the go-live or launch and train your end users. We’ll also begin the process of designing a post-launch support plan.

6. Maintain and Support

Once your new intranet has been launched we’ll monitor your investment. We’ll ensure it’s performing as expected and implement change as necessary. We’ll roll out a support and maintenance plan that fits your internal sustainment and management objectives and obtain your final sign-off.

Check out a few samples of intranets we’ve launched here.