Customer Portals

Improve relationships with a self-service portal.

Did you know that extending your company’s web presence with a fully mobile customer portal can dramatically reduce your operation and support costs?

With REFINECO’s help, we will enable self-service functions, access to customer information and automate as many support functions as you can think of. Additionally with integrations to systems such as SAP or Microsoft Dynamics we will bring information directly to your customers.

What business value will I receive from a customer portal?

A portal will allow you to:

  • Get closer to your customers, partners, members or dealers
  • Increase efficiencies through self-service capabilities
  • Build new revenue opportunities

Creating improved processes and information flows between your organization and its partners benefits all and can dramatically reduce your costs. From customer reordering, to project management with suppliers, to logistics and document exchange, taking manual processes out improves accuracy, timeliness, collaboration and when done correctly, customer service.

Why choose REFINECO as your portal partner?

RefineCo’s powerful technology tools for delivering portals is proven and cost-effective. Through integrations with existing systems and knowledge, such as CRM you can deliver your portal functionality without wasteful duplication of data and systems. Security can be assured through flexible and controllable access models and identity and user management. With easy to use, yet powerful tools for administration, content and document management you can deliver efficiencies to your business, and information to your customers, vendors, or partners.